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Amin Chabchoub

Amin Chabchoub
Chef Executive Officer

Address1: 15 rue Mostapha Sfar 1002 Tunis
Address 2: Cite Sonelgaz ll, lot no 7, Alger, Algeria
Email: amin.chabchoub@retel.com.tn


  • Master of  Business Administration in finance: Tampa, Florida
  • Seven years practical experience.
  • Creative, skilful and equipped with critical spirit.
  • Develop team work atmosphere.
  • Speak Arabic, French and English fluently.
  • General Manager of the Group since 2003:

- HayatCom Tunisia
- HayatCom Algeria
- RETEL Project
- HayatCom Libya
- IBN RACHIQ Residence

Professionnel experience

a. Tunisia:

President of Tanit Group since 1996

Achievements 1996

  • Alternate Market: Commercialisation of the countries
  • Marketing of  SMS companies (Added Value Services)
  • Study trip: Canada+ USA
  • Visited universities and factories’ sites

Achievements 1997

  • Launched the “Call Center” direct sale project for the spare parts company.
  • English formation in the USA (New York) “Colombia University”

Achievements 2005-2006

  • Founder of RETEL PROJECT
  • Founder of BEST AFFICHAGE Project

Achievements 2004-2005

  • Founder and Manager: “AFFICHETTE”: 
  • Founder and General Manager: " Best Link Call Center ”
  • Assist  in Nokia Added Value (CAN)

Since 2003

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hayatcom Tunisia:
  • Participated in seminars for the management of the family’s group at the countries under development.
  • Founder and Manager Xpresscell Tunisia

May 2000-June 2002 “TANIT Group”

  • Director of development (research/ creation/ identification)
    Was in charge of the identification, and the creation of new projects within the 
    Framework of a start-up or an extension.  

b. Algeria

  • Founder of Tanit Alger -1999
  • In 2003 development and expansion of business in Algeria starting with Wataniya Telecom Algeria (http://www.nedjma.dz/portail/web/corp/).
  • We targeted the distribution of charts of refills, chips and apparatuses GSM Under the name of "ALOALO" and connected this activity with the main company HayatCom Algeria;
  • At the end of the year 2005, we decided to stop this activity to concentrate on the Provision of services "radio operator sites turn-key".
  • The company HayatCom Algeria was established on April 2004 following the Signature of the contract with Wataniya Telecom Algeria.
  • The following figures summarize the performances of Hayatcom since 2004:

In Million of Euros

Year 2004 2005 2006
 Sales Revenue 1,56  5,50 9,30
 Gain realized before tax  0,14  1,03  1,24
  • HayatCom signed in 2005 a contract with a second operator (ATM Mobilis)
    (http://www.mobilis.dz/) bearing on 300 sites turn-key, poses and supply, of an 
    Amount excess to 15 million Euro including all taxes.
  • In HayatCom we are investing in Human capital (approx. 180 employees) by
    Providing the needed training for them to do their job properly, and we targeted  
    To be the best employer in the country.
  • I approached Alcatel, Huawei and ZTE in 2005.
  • Several contracts were signed and a whole department for transmission was   
    Created within Hayatcom.
  • Another two companies were started in Algeria in 2007: Best Posting & Small Poster Retel which have similar activities with Retel Tunisia.
  • Best Posting started launching the network and AH! Concept at the eastern part of country and then nationwide.
  • the Retel Projects continued its collaboration with Wataniya TeleCom
    Algeria and now we are supplying the installation of 120 retail shops almost in every corner of the country; this contract value is approximately 540,000 Euro and we have completed 50% of the project so far.


STEQ: Commercial, sale on line, Sales Dept.
            Responsible for the installation of online sales.
1998: Financial service SIAME: (Electric Industry)
1996: Financial service BIAT (Tunisia)
1996: Financial service BT (Tunisia)


  • May 2000: UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA - Florida / USA
    Master of Business Administration, Specialized in Finance
  • June 1997: HEC Tunis - Tunisia
    Bachelor degree in Commerce, Specialized in finances


  • Arabic: Native
  • French: fluent
  • English: Excellent reading, writing and speaking.
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BEN MEDDEB ZOUHAIR - 16-04-2014 21:19

J'est travaillé sous ses ordres à la SIAME, c'est un homme intelligent, moderne et futuriste, dommage qu'il n'a pas resté longtemps sur la tete de cette entreprise . Toutes mes salutations à Monsieur AMINE CHABCHOUB.


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