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Amina Bouzguenda – Zeghal

Amina Bouzguenda – Zeghal
Married, 2 children

Professional experience

Since 2014: Chief Executive Officer, Université Paris Dauphine, Campus Tunis, Tunisia
2006-13: AssociateProfessor of Decision Sciences, Mediterranean School of Business,
2009-12: Associate Dean for Executive Education, Mediterranean School of Business,
2007-08: Director of Development, Mediterranean School of Business,
2008: Fulbright Scholar at Columbia Business School, NewYork, USA
2007: Visiting Professor atKellogg School of Management, Chicago, USA
2006-07: Lecturer onStatistics and Operations Research, Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, (IHEC) Carthage, Tunisia.
2000-03: Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Theory of Measurement,
UniversitéParis Dauphine, France.
Consultanton pricingDerivatives, Filipponnat et Associés, Paris, France.
1999: Trader Assistant, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, Paris, France.


2013: Certificate “Safety & Leadership”, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.
2007-2009: Executive MBA, Mediterranean School of Business, Tunis, Tunisia.
2000-05: Ph.D. in Sciences, Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France.

  • Concentration: Mathematics Applied to Finance.
  • Thesis title: “Some contributions to options valuation and portfolio optimal choice problem”. with highest honors.
  • Thesissupervisor:Pr.NizarTouzi, Director of centre de mathématiques appliquées, Ecole Polytechinique, Paris.

1998-99: M.Sc. in Mathematics Applied to Economics (MASE), Université Paris-Dauphine and ENSAE, Paris, France.
1994-98: Bachelor in Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences(MASS), Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France. with highest honors.

Fellowships and awards

2008: Fulbright scholarship, US government funding, for a post doctoral position at Columbia Business School, Columbia University.
1999: Research fellowship, French government funding,for Ph.D. studies at Université Paris-Dauphine.
1998: Distinguished bachelor as 3th best student at UniversitéParis-Dauphine.

Other activities

Founding member and president of INAAM, an investment company willing to participate in the construction of a new Tunisia where the regional and social inequalities are reduced. INAAMhas already invested in a greenfield microfinance institution in Tunisia in partnership with AdvansSA.
Founding member of AMENA, association of development in Tunisia,
Board Member of the EMBA Alumni, MSB

Languages and software

Languages: English, French and Arabic: fluent

Software: Word, Excel, Visual Basic, Power Point, Latex, Pascal, C, C++,

Publications and conferences

Work in progress

1- Fundamentally Changing the Way We Educate Students in the MENA Region
North Africa Policy Series – 2013. Sponsored by the African Development Bank. Theme: Human Capital in North Africa.Co-authored with T.Jelassi and T.Malzy.

2- Taking a First Step to Fundamentally Changing the Way We Educate Students in the MENA Region: Enabling Children Teach Themselves
” North Africa Policy Series – 2014. Submitted work. Theme: Human Capital in North Africa. Co-authored with T.Jelassi and T.Malzy.


3- Portfolio Optimizationwith Stochastic Volatilities: a Backward Approach
Stochastic Analysis and Applications, Volume 29, Issue 5, September 2011.
Pages723-743.Co-authored with M.Mnif.

4- Optimal Selection Portfolio Problem: a Semi-Linear PDE Approach.
Stochastic: an International Journal of probability and stochastic processes,
1744-2516, April2011co-authored with M.Mnif.

5- Optimal Multiple Stopping and Valuation of Swing Options in Lévy Model International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance.Vol 9, 2006, No 8, 1267-1297. World Scientific Publishing Company, co-authored withM.Mnif.

6- Monte Carlo Estimation of a Joint Density Using Malliavin Calculus and Application to American Options.
Computational Economics: Special Issue on Stochastic Control.(2006),Co-authored withM.Mrad et N.Touzi

7- Dual Formulation of the Utility Maximization Problem: the case of nonsmooth utility,
Annals of Applied Probability,14 (2004), no. 2, 678--717; CNO 2052898, Co-authored withB.Bouchard et N.Touzi.


1-  L’entreprise et le financement, Les Journées de l’Entreprise, IACE, Sousse (2013)
Moderator: Early stage financing, business angels and crowdfunding.

Perspectives et développement de l’inclusion financière en Tunisie, Tunis (2013)
Co- coordinator with the think-tank Tounes 2020.
Moderator : Vision pour l’évolution de l’inclusion financière en Tunisie.

Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship, GBSN conference, Tunis (2013)
Moderator: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Tunisia

Programme Managers Forum, Association of MBAs, Tunis (2012)
Speaker: Managing the student experience.

5- Redesigning the MBA: A curriculum development Symposium, AACSB, Tampa, Florida,
Participant (2012)

6- Conference for deans and directors, Association of MBAs (2011)
Participant: received officially the accreditation for MSB Executive MBA program.

7- Workshop on Recent Advances in Risk Management and numerical Methods in Finance, ENIT, Tunis. Organizing member (2008)

8- Workshop of high performance Computing, ChaireUnesco, Tunis. (2007)
Speaker: Optimal multiple stopping problem and swing options valuation.

9- LAMSIN seminar, ENIT, Tunis(2006)
Speaker:Swing options valuation in Lévy market.

10- LEGI seminar, Ecole Polytechnique de Tunis, (2004)
Speaker: Swing options on energy market.

11- Congress of Applied mathematics association, Hammamet, (2004)
Speaker: Malliavin calculus and applications in finance.

12- Chaire Blaise Pascal conference, château de Villiers le Mahieu, France (2003)
Participant: Joint density estimation by Monté Carlo method.

13- Weekly seminars on Mathematics Applied to Economics and Finance, Henri Poincaré Institute, Paris, France. Coordinator (2000-2002)


On the web

1- Leaders, 28 Janvier 2014 : http://www.leaders.com.tn/article/le-dernier-papier-du-doyen-tawfik-jelassi-avant-de-passer-ministre?id=13230
2- http://www.aufeminin.com/video-societe/interview-fondatrices-association-amena-n76995.html
3- http://www.aufeminin.com/debats-de-societes/election-assemblee-tunisie-droits-femmes-d23329.html

Other references

4- Entreprise magazine, Juillet 2013-N° 21 : Naissance d’Advans Tunisie
5- other  references upon request

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